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Deal or no deal?


Tip of the day: Car companies (ie: Toyota, Ford, etc.) don't make most of their own parts. They have other manufacturing companies produce parts for them and then STAMP the car company logo onto it. This stamp increases the price.

Story of the day:
One of our customers recently went in for a warranty service to their Infiniti dealer.
Upon completing the service, was quoted for these additional jobs:

  • Drive belt cracked: $332
  • Left-side valve cover leaking: $720
  • Hood shocks: $402

He brought in his Infiniti back to our shop to go over the recommended jobs.
The dealership technician was right, these areas did need work.
Here are our prices; all parts were OE/Manufactured by the same OE company.

  • Drive belt: $90
  • BOTH sides, valve cover gaskets: $220
  • Hood shocks: $80

Prices will vary by year, make, model, and are subject to change.
This particular car saved.... alot.
Mind you, most of our work comes with a 12-month/12,000 mile limited warranty.


    Hi, my name is Peter and I am the manager at Ace Auto Tech. I will be updating this blog with interesting stories from the auto industry or from our facility. Enjoy!


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