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factory recall?


So you've got a problem with your car and maybe your check engine light is on. We care about our customers and saving you money. For instance, we have access to up-to-date factory recalls. This means that if you bring your car in for a repair and we see that there is a factory recall on it, we will direct you to the dealership. I'll even print out the recall information and highlight where your car meets the recall requirements. BOOM.



Here's a little car-411 to keep you on the road this NEW YEAR.

Did you know...

  • cleaning your wiper blades with a soaped sponge or cloth extends it's life?
  • that cabin filters catch pollen, dust, and other airborne materials and replacing your cabin air filter* can help you with your allergies when you're in your car?
  • a sudden increase or decrease in temperature (ie: cold weather) may cause your tire pressure light to turn on?
  • flat tires, caused by nails and other objects, can be plugged for just $10**?
  • if you check into Yelp! you can receive a 10% discount on your oil change?
  • we sell quality wiper blades, usually $10***, that we will install for free?
  • once you become a customer, we will fill your tires to match the manufacturer's specs for free?
  • we offer automotive battery tests using Interstate Batteries' equipment for free?

*some cars do not have cabin air filters.
**Repairing one hole costs $10, each additional repair costs an additional $10. Nails, screws, and any other foreign object(s) that have punctured the tire must be located along the steel belt(s) and away from the side-walls. Punctures must be in the repairable shape of holes and not slits. "Run-flat" tires cannot be repaired and must be replaced. No tire repairs are guaranteed, but we are reasonable. We can always take another look.
***Most of our wiper blades are manufactured by Anco(r); wiper blades up to 20" are $10 each installed, larger or specialty wiper blades cost extra.


    Hi, my name is Peter and I am the manager at Ace Auto Tech. I will be updating this blog with interesting stories from the auto industry or from our facility. Enjoy!


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